Paleo Waffles- Milk And Gluten- Free

It´s finally Friday tribe and I am finally sharing my healthy yet delicious waffles recipe that you´ve seen on my insta during the week. It will be the perfect breakfast for the weekend. It´s completely gluten and milk free and high in protein and good fats. I love it and I don´t get tired or that heavy feeling after having these ones. 

Time: approx 15-20 min 

For 4 servings

Mix together: 

6 eggs 

3 dl coconut milk

3 dl almond flour 

2.5 table spoons psyllium

3 table spoons melted coconut oil 

Pinch of himalayan salt 

Also use some coconut oil for the waffle maker before adding the mix. 


You can also add 2 table spoons of raw cacao in the mix for chocolate waffles, also very yummy if you want to switch it up a little. 

Add your choice of topping, I used mixed blueberries and raspberries. Enjoy my beauties and I am wishing you the most amazing weekend ahead ! 

X Linda 

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