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Golden Hour

I love taking photos either at sunrise or during sunset. That´s when I feel that the light falls just perfectly and the sun rays are so pretty. The light is also more soft than during the middle of the day. 

We stopped by this beautiful field on the country side the other day during our drive home and the light was just so beautiful and perfect for some pictures with my new baby: The Louis Vuitton Bum Bag. I´m simply in love with this bag, and I know so many of you have been asking me to post some pictures of it since you saw me getting it during spring time but honestly, it´s just been lying on a special place in my wardrobe and I´ve been admiring it every day without even wearing it. So this day was the day. 

This is a bag that I have come to use so much as my day to day accessory and everything I need fits perfectly inside. I also love that it gives that casual and sporty yet chic look. 

Other then that I am wrapping up my final days here in Sweden. It´s been so nice to be home with my love and my family and to have some true Swedish summer this year. I am soon to travel again on some exciting projects so stay tuned. 

X Linda

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How My Love Surprised Me For My Birthday

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| T-Shirt Moschino |

Céline Sunglasses 

Skirt Old from Berskha

| MCM Stark Backpack |

| FILA Disruptor II Sneakers |

It´s my birth month and the time for the Leo. Every year my love always surprise me with some kind of trip and every year I think that it can´t get any better but it always does. He is very creative and always put a lot of extra thought behind our little getaways and I just love those kind of things. And the best thing is that I can never guess or figure out what he is planning, and trust me I always try cause I´m so curious 🙂 

It all started with a cozy morning with beautiful roses and some presents. The beautiful backpack in the pictures were one of my presents and I been wanting this one so much. It is the perfect size too. Now we are matching since he has the larger version, how nice is that. 

Then it was time for a little boat trip over to the island of Ven, located between Sweden and Denmark. Once we got there we rented bicycles and went around the island for a full day. It was so pretty and we stopped at so many cute little spots and just looked at the view, listened to the waves and breathing that fresh air. This is the things we love, and I simply love nature so much. It is so relaxing and my mind can just relax. 

Around lunch time we stopped at one of the harbors where they served smoked mackerel with some salad see more on my INSTA story.

We spend a full day on this beautiful island and I can highly recommend for you to visit, it is really beautiful and we will come back for sure. 

As a perfect ending the sunset on our way home was so beautiful and I managed to snap a picture with my phone while we were driving. 

Once we got back home we had a nice dinner and then a movie and cuddle. 

It was an amazing day and once again thank you all, I got so many sweet and kind messages throughout the day. 

X Linda

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Make My Guilt Free Granola Bars

These goodies are filled with healthy nutrients and can be the perfect snack or a treat when you´re craving something sweet, yet they´re high in protein and only takes about 15 min to make. 

Dessa godingar är fyllda med hälsosamma näringsämnen och kan vara det perfekta mellanmålet eller en treat när du vill ha nånting sött, de är även rika på protein och tar bara 15 min att slänga ihop. 

Servings: About 12-15 bars

Preparation: 10 min 

Cooking time: 5 min

You will need: 

2 dl gluten free oats

1 dl natural almonds 

1 dl pitted organic dates

1/2 dl dried fruits (I used organic raisins) 

1 teaspoon Organic cinnamon

1 teaspoon Organic vanilla powder 

1/4 dl Natural agave syrup or manuka honey 

Some coconut oil. 

Optional: For extra protein add one scoop of protein powder (I used strawberry) 

*        *        * 

Portioner: C.a 12-15 bars

Förberedelse: 10 min

Tillagning: 5 min

Du behöver:

2 dl glutenfria havregryn

1 dl naturliga mandlar

1 dl urkärnade ekologiska dadlar

1/2 torkad frukt (jag använde ekologiska russin) 

1 tsk Ekologisk kanel

1 tsk Ekologiskt vaniljpulver

1/4 dl naturlig agave eller manuka honung

Lite kokos olja

Valfritt: 1 skopa protein pulver för extra protein (jag använde jordgubb) 

Blend all the almonds together in a food processor.

Mixa alla mandlarna i en matberedare. 

Add the pitted dates. 

Tillsätt de urkärnade dadlarna. 

Then the agave/ honey. 

Sedan agaven/ honungen.

Add some coconut oil in a cooking pan. 

Tillsätt lite kokosolja i en kastrull. 

Then cook the oats together with the cinnamon until it get some color. 

Stek havregrynen tillsammans med kanelen tills det fått lite färg. 

Then add the oats, vanilla powder and the raisins to the mixture but don´t blend it just mix it around. This is the time when I would add the protein powder. If you find the mixture too dry then add some more agave or a little bit of coconut oil. 

Tillsätt havregrynen, vanilj pulvret och russinen till smeten och blanda allt, inte med matberedaren utan nu för hand. Nu lägger jag även i protein pulvret. Om smeten är för torr tillsätt lite mer agave eller lite kokosolja. 

Place everything on a baking sheet like in the picture below and on a tray. It needs to fit in the freezer. After some time cut it into preferred squares and then keep it in the fridge. 

Lägg allt på ett bakplåtspapper i en form eller på en bricka. Det måste få plats i frysen. Efter ett litet tag i frysen ta ut det och skär i önskade rutor. 

This is the result, super delicious really.  Enjoy your gluten-free, dairy-free, healthy granola bars without any preservatives, processed sugars or toxic ingredients. 

Stay Healthy! 

X Linda

Detta är resultatet, så gott verkligen. Njut av dina glutenfria, mejerifria, nyttiga granola bars utan några onödiga tillsatser så som e-ämnen, raffinerat socker eller andra ohälsosamma ingredienser. 

Stay Healthy!

X Linda

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