Cyprus Part 3 – Limassol And Aphrodite Rock

I had the great luck to go to Cyprus for a few weeks to explore this beautiful and breathtaking island. It was totally my pleasure and I am so glad to finally be able to share my favorite impressions from this trip. 

Beautiful places to visit: 

– Konnos beach 

– Aphrodite rock

– Paphos

– Limassol 

– Ayia Napa and Cavo Greco Cape ( Which I didnÂŽt do on this trip cause I want the photos and experience here to be with my baaaaby 🙂 

So, I have gotten so many question about where is the best place to go and whatÂŽs really worth it if you only have a certain amount of time. So I will tell you about my favorite parts of this stunning island. 

A must see for me and my favorite on this island is Aphrodite Rock and the surroundings as seen in the pictures and the area around Paphos. The water is so clear as you can see and there are so many view points and photo spots and I just did not want to leave this place. You can either stay in Paphos or in Limassol and then rent a car to go to this place for a day. 

Down in Paphos town thereÂŽs a little harbor with loads of cute restaurants that serve amazing food. My favorite was the Pelican restaurant who also has two super cute pelicans that comes to the restaurant for food every day and then they stay around the area just relaxing. How cute? 

Limassol is the biggest city on Cyprus and have a larger and more busy selection. Here you will find more trendy stores and shopping, pool bars and lounges and a promenade along the city parallel with the water. But the sea here is not even near as clear as around Aphrodite bay area. Food options are many and its quite spread out along the whole city. My favorite here is probably the old town area with all the cute little cafĂ©s and restaurants and the old looking houses and streets. 

 View over Limassol beach
View over Limassol beach
 Columbia Beach Club
Columbia Beach Club

 A beach on our way from Limassol to Afrodite Rock
A beach on our way from Limassol to Afrodite Rock

My favorite places to eat: 

Colombia beach club/ pool – Limassol

They serve everything from burgers to pokĂ© bowls, nice salads, fresh juices, cocktails and drinks by the pool or the cabana lounges close to the beach. Nice music during the day and lovely restaurant during the evening. 

Bakery Gourmet Kafeneio – Limassol

My favorite cafĂ© in Limassol. Mostly vegan and plant based, gluten -free and a total healthy concept at this place. YouÂŽll find, salads, wraps, soups, amazing sweets, fresh super food smoothies and juices. If you care about your food and health like me this is THE place. And the owners are the nicest couple and very friendly too. 

Dino Bistro CafĂ© – Limassol

Cute cafĂ©/restaurant with a personal touch. Food here is really amazing and they put there own little touch on everything. And the great thing is that there is something for every taste such as sushi, salads, pastas, burgers, fish, meat and a wide selection of desserts. 

Fat Fish – Limassol

Lovely restaurant next to Colombia by the beach overlooking the beach and sea. Nice fresh fish dishes on the menu but also other options. Great for both lunch and dinner. 

Old Town – Limassol

Plenty of restaurants to chose from and super cozy atmosphere in the evening. 

Pelican restaurant – Paphos

Amazing fresh fish and seafood. Super cute blue and white interior overlooking the harbor and boat area. Great service and very friendly as well. 

 Bakery Gourmet Kafeneio
Bakery Gourmet Kafeneio

 Power walk and Sunset at the beautiful Limassol beach promenade
Power walk and Sunset at the beautiful Limassol beach promenade

I could really suggest to stay in Limassol for a few days and do a day trip to Aphrodite Rock and Bay. Or stay a few nights in Paphos as well. 

You will find more photos and can read more about Konnos beach HERE and Larnaca HERE. 

Let me know if you have any questions. 

X Linda

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The Amazing Health Benefits Of Chlorella

-Detta inlÀgg innehÄller annonslÀnkar frÄn Svensk HÀlsokost-

-This post contain adlinks from Svensk HĂ€lsokost-

LetÂŽs talk about this amazing all natural supplement that is a fresh water blue green algae and that has so many great health benefits. 

Chlorella is one of natures most nutrient-dense foods and contain about 60% pure protein, all the essential amino acids, all the vitamins, all the minerals AND the essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6. 

Chlorella acts alkaline and helps the body to balance the PH-balance. Chlorella also contain a lot of important enzymes. 

Chlorella also has been shown to detoxify radiation and chemotherapy effectively. 

The beautiful green color comes from the chlorophyll that is so rich in chlorella up to 4-5 times more then Spirulina. 

Chlorella supports your immune system. 

One of the great reasons I use Chlorella while I detox is because it detoxifies heavy metals and helps the body to get rid of them. It is very powerful so I normally start with smaller doses and then gradually increase the dose so my body does not get a shock. One big reason that so many women are suffering from thyroid problems could be that the body is full of heavy metals and that can result in a slow metabolism and problems loosing weight. This is a great reson why Chlorella could b helpful when wanting to loose weight. 

I always make sure that my Chlorella is organic and I normally use Chlorella as a powder in my green smoothies or juices. 

Here you can find the pure Chlorella that I use at the moment in my smoothies and juices. 

Stay Healthy! 

X Linda 

LĂ„t oss prata om detta helt underbara och naturella kosttillskott som Ă€r en blĂ„ grön söt vatten alg, och som besitter sĂ„ mĂ„nga unika egenskaper och hĂ€lsofördelar. 

Chlorella Ă€r en av naturens mest nĂ€rings tĂ€ta livsmedel och innehĂ„ller runt 60% fullvĂ€rdigt protein, alla de livsnödvĂ€ndiga aminosyrorna, alla mineraler samt Ă€ven de livsnödvĂ€ndiga fettsyrorna Omega-3 och Omega-6. 

Chlorella fungerar basiskt och hjĂ€lper kroppen att balansera PH-vĂ€rdet. Det innehĂ„ller Ă€ven en massa nyttiga enzymer. 

Chlorella har Ă€ven visat sig rensa ut radioaktiva Ă€mnen vid chemo behandling effektivt. 

Chlorella stödjer immunförsvaret. 

En av de underbara anledningarna till att jag anvĂ€nder Chlorella vid en detox Ă€r för att den binder tungmetaller och för med dem ut ur kroppen. Detta Ă€r vĂ€ldigt kraftigt sĂ„ jag börjar alltid med en liten dos, sedan trappar jag successivt upp sĂ„ att min kropp inte fĂ„r en chock. En stor anledning till att mĂ„nga lider av sköldkörtel problem kan vara just för att man har mycket tungmetaller i kroppen och dĂ„ kan det i sin tur försĂ€mra Ă€mnesomsĂ€ttningen och man fĂ„r svĂ„rt att gĂ„ ned i vikt. DĂ€rför kan Chlorella Ă€ven vara mycket effektivt för effektiv viktminskning. 

Jag ser alltid till att min Chlorella Ă€r ekologisk och oftast anvĂ€nder jag det i pulver form i mina smoothies eller fĂ€rskpressade juicer. 

Den rena Chlorella som jag anvĂ€nder just nu i mina smoothies och juicer hittar du hĂ€r. 

Stay Healthy! 

X Linda

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