From St Petersburg With Love

Good Morning from a tired but well rested #Travelbug and good morning St Petersburg. I´ve always heard that this breathtaking city was going to be pretty. But I was surprised how much there is to do here.

Every where you go you will find old rustic but beautiful built buildings and cathedrals that are some of the main touristic attractions. I suggest you hop on a boat tour where you can easily stop at many places and hop on again and that way you will be able to get the nice view from the river side as well which is stunning. I also recommend taking the boat by sunrise as the sun goes down beautifully over the city and the many bridges.

Food here is great and really cheap. You can easily find local choices everywhere you go, it didn´t take me long until I found my favorit food place #marketplace. They have many choices, and if you been following me for some time now you know that I always try to find the healthy options wherever I go. They also have cute outdoor seating with a nice cozy vibe.

I also found a very nice sushi place downtown on the main street that also had a great outdoor seating where you could sit and watch people and enjoy a great lunch.

You´ll find some really cool and old cars here wherever you go. They´re everywhere. Put your comfy shoes when in St Petersburg cause there will be a lot of walking, especially if you want to explore the city and there is really so much to see just by walking. I could walk for hours when I am in a new place or destination and that is how I most of the times find my favorit places and spots without even looking for it.

Things to do :

Boating during sunset on St Petersburg river

Viewpoint at St Isaac´s cathedral

Visit One or many pretty and vintage coffeeshops

If interested in history visit one of many museums in the city

Visit and pick up fresh fruit from one of many fruit stands/ market

Walk Walk Walk to explore the city

Thank you St Petersburg, You´ve been so lovely! Until Next Time 🙂

X Linda

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