Our New Camera: Leica Q

Hi Beauties,

So, I am back home in Sweden after one month of traveling and I will be exploring Sweden and Copenhagen during Christmas and the month of December. This is definitely my favorit time of the year so be ready for loads of winter pics and festive lights. We have a new baby, our latest edition to the fam : The Leica Q camera. I have been looking at this camera for as long as I can remember and I just love it. The image quality is impeccable and it is much lighter then our previous camera and very easy and convenient to bring with us on our travels. We have a lot of camera/video gear already so this was just the perfect fit to our collection. Since we have been starting to do a lot more travel projects and more photography work, we decided to step our game up and invest in this new beauty. And the Leica Q camera has fulfilled everything that we are looking for in a camera. I am so happy that I can work with my true passion, and I am even more happy and grateful for all of you who are coming along with us on our adventures and always showing so much love and support, you guys are truly the best and together we have been growing the most amazing platform with likeminded beautiful souls and creators who truly supports each other. We have a lot of new destinations for 2019 and you will see a lot more travel, and I can not wait to take you all with me.

Wishing you all a lovely holiday season.

Loads Of Love

X Linda

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