Tips On Where To Stay In Coron Philippines

So many of you have asked me of places to stay in Coron. So here is a blogg post on some of the places where we stayed. We decided to stay on a private island our first week to just relax after all our long flights. You can read more about that island here.

Then we moved into Coron town where you would want to stay cause from here would be the place where you´ll catch the boats early morning for all the beautiful island hopping around Coron. We did differen´t day trips and you seriously need more then one boat day if you want to explore all the hidden gems around.

Our first pick was The Funny Lion located just 5 min outside Coron Town. This boutique hotel is really pretty, relaxing and have a great location. Not too far from it all yet nestled away in a tropical jungle oasis with a beautiful top view from their pool deck area where you can relax and enjoy the most stunning sunsets. If you´re up for a relaxing stay where you really don´t need to be connected, then this will be your choice since the internet was not working for our entire stay but hey, it was kind of relaxing for a few days. I am so sorry though for my poor updates during this trip but sometimes when things are out of your reach then you just need to go with the flow and realize that there are many beautiful things that can be shared later on. This trip was really just island life without too much connections to the internet world 🙂 The manager at this hotel was so kind and lovely to us and our last night they organized the most beautiful dinner setting. We LOVED it so much.

We also stayed at the Two Seasons Hotel Bayside Coron. This was also a beautiful hotel. Great location and super speed on the internet. We came here for lunch even the days when we didn´t stay here cause their garlic rice with shrimps were freakin amazing and the restaurant staff super sweet and friendly plus when we needed the internet for work we could use it during our lunch here. 🙂 Such a win win really. I really liked this place. Pictures below are from the beautiful rooftop terrace where you can enjoy the most stunning sunsets overlooking the bay.

X Linda

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