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10 Affordable Bags To Add To Your Wardrobe This Summer

Summer is here almost here and I simply just love the fashion this year. Everywhere I find these nature materials handbags that truly is trending and has a certain bohemian fashion feeling to it. I really feel it´s my year to add many things to my wardrobe. My style is kind of little bit of everything depending on my mood. I would say I am a sporty person at times and I do love to mix it up with cute girly dresses however, I have this special love for bohemian luxury style, knitted totes and straw bags. It just feels right. Maybe because most of them are made of nature materials ? I always had a special bond with earthy colors and nature and I just know that this summer I am finding a lot of beautiful nature material hand bags, lots of sea shell accessories and I know that it is my year change up my wardrobe. I hope you like some of the summer bags that I´ve carefully selected for you. They are all very affordable yet I think they look so stylish for any summer occasion.

X Linda

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