My Current To Go Beauty Products- Summer Edition

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Summer is finally here and I love this time of the year, however this is also the time when I need to take extra good care of my skin and hair and to protect it while enjoying fun beach days or getting my glam on in the evening.

Summer is supposed to be easy and fun, the same way I feel with my summer beauty products.

I have a few favorites this year that I always carry with me on the go that I would like to share with you guys. And as you all know I have very sensitive skin and my body does not do well with unnatural products. Therefore I only use products that I love and that nourishes my skin from the inside and out.

Protect from the Sun

I love the sun getting that vitamin D however, I always protect it and always use a day cream with sunscreen during the summer time. Currently I use the Chanel CC cream which gives me a lightweight feeling but has cover in it and protects with SPF 50. I really don´t like the feeling of having too much on my face or a thickness feeling that some cremes can create if that make sense and I love the feeling of lightweight products on my skin. It corrects redness or uneven spots, boosts a healthy glow and yet it makes my skin look very natural. This is perfect since I don´t really like to wear too much products during the summer time. The size is also great since I don´t like large packaging at all and it needs to be travel friendly.

Natural Looking Hair

I love my long natural hair but during the summer time it always takes a lot of hits from the sun and salt water and I try to protect it the best as I can. Except from using a nourishing shampoo and conditioner, and my homemade hair mask once a week, I been trying a wave spray that is not only giving my hair extra shine. It contains rice protein that naturally protects the hair fibers from the inside against bad and oxidative damage due to the solar radiation. It also protects hair keratin from degradation. And it smells AMAZING! I love to spray it after curling my hair. I also use it through the day on my straight hair to add texture and shine. I love the mini size which is 50 ml and great to bring for travel.


During the summer time I only put mascara and eye shadow unless I have some special occasion or event to attend and the mascara that I am currently using gives me the most full and volume lashes without clumping or drying out. During a full day it does not leave marks on my upper eye lids or under the eye.

I use my eye shadow for my eye brow too using a brush and it really gives me a natural look.

Summer Lips

I like glow and shine for my lips, and coral is one of my favorite colors since long. It looks so good especially when I have a little bit of tan and a sun kissed look. This product contains hyaluronic acid for the most powerful hydration and gives my lips volume and shine. It comes in many different colors as well as with a shimmer finish.

Instant summer glow

I love bronzers in the summer. They are easy to carry with me, they give a natural looking glow and they are basically all that I need after a cc cream to keep me looking healthy and glowing throughout the day.

A few weeks back I tried this bronzing healthy glow powder at Sephora. And after liking it so much I could not be able to find it anywhere. It was sold out in so many places. Finally after a week of constantly searching for it I found one and I love it so so much. It gives me a healthy looking glow without being too shiny or glittery and without making it look like I obviously are wearing a bronze power. And it just looks so natural and that is the look that I always try to create and like to go for. It comes in two shades and I am using the darker one.

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Mothers Day Ideas Shopping List

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Soon it is Mothers Day in Sweden. We always celebrate it the last Sunday in May and even though our beautiful mothers should be celebrated every day, I have carefully put together some shopping ideas for Mothers Day just in case you have not been able to get anything for your mum yet.

A big hug to all the lovely mothers out there who are taking care of their children and to my beautiful mum who I love and adore so much.

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